Friday, May 17, 2013

To my Mama...


Mama, thank you...

...For giving me life. Seriously, that's the biggie.
...For giving me three siblings who, although they drove me crazy throughout childhood, I can't imagine the world without.
...For instilling in me a love of the arts and encouraging the singing, dancing and silliness that has come along with it!
...For loving my father and working every day to keep your marriage strong, happy and healthy for almost 35 years
...For showing kindness to all of God's creatures (like that frog you saved in the park last week).
...For thinking I'm the most amazing woman in that same way you thought I was the most amazing baby girl.
...For kissing my boo-boos. 
...For sharing your ricotta cookie recipe.
...For my long eyelashes and long legs. 
...For filling my half-empty glass with your effervescent, optimistic champagne outlook on life. 
...For being there for me, always and forever.
...For shaping me into the woman, wife and future mother I am/will be.

I can't wait to have a daughter some day, I just hope I can deal with all her ridiculousness as gracefully and patiently as you have with mine. I love you Mommy. 
Your Katie

^^Mom (and Ali), John, Pat and Me (and Barbie) Thanksgiving 1990^^

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