Monday, May 6, 2013

Jazz in the Himalayas

On Friday night Jake played at the Rubin Museum of Art with the Roy Assaf Trio in the museum's live music series: Jazz in the Himalayas. I had never been to the Rubin Museum before Friday night; neither had Jake. As I was running out the door, my phone lit up with a text from said husband that read "You're going to love this place!" He was right.

The gleaming cherrywood-lined performance space is acoustically and aesthetically glorious. The museum asks the musicians to visit the Rubin ahead of time, view the Himalayan art, become inspired and allow this inspiration to influence their musical performance.

I was left inspired. The Trio was fantastic. They are so connected while performing - they seem to finish each other's musical thoughts. A true collaboration... Now, I am not a jazz critic, but what strikes me most about Roy, Raviv and Jake, besides their innate talent as musicians, is their ability to embrace the complexity of their music and present it as one fluid comprehendible thought. I never felt lost. Each solo was clear, concise and creative. But don't take my word for it, listen here

Besides being a fantastic museum the museum is a self proclaimed serai, a stopping, shopping, eating place; a museum shop in motion. There is a restaurant, full bar and the food isn't the only thing drool worthy... the shop is incredible. I could have dropped a grand in ten minutes flat. But, instead I took pictures. For singles out there: this is an incredible first date location. For the lovers out there: this is an incredible 1000th date location. Hope you visit soon!

^^Late night, date night candle light and flower pickin'^^

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