Friday, May 3, 2013

A few of my favorite things, as of lately...

^^Our Jonathan Adler monogrammed hallway tray from the DeGroats... ^^

 ^^Our beautiful barley twist candlesticks! And colorful 12" tapered candles for spring.^^

^^Cooking/Baking WITH Recipes from Heidi Swanson  and Dinner: A Love Story^^

^^Wearing my wedding band with freshly manicured nails. Essie: Cocktail Bling^^

^^Birchbox, this month, last month, every month. (check out my full post on BIRCHBOX).^^

^^My first ever pair of Toms from JG^^

 ^^Needlepoint pillows, old & new.^^

^^This color... in purses, pants and polish^^

^^Sitting on the fire escape and flirting with my husband.^^

^^Absolute bagels for breakfast or lunch.^^

^^Being chauffeured around NYC by this cutie^^

^^Snapchat... it is strangely addicting.^^

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