Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friday night in Brooklyn

Late Friday afternoon Jake picked me and we drove down to Williamsburg for an early dinner-date and  then hang with best man, Mr. Zach Gould. 

I love Brooklyn. I would move there in a heartbeat if the right place at the right price were to pop-up on the market. In the mean time, until that miracle of miracle happens, I'll happily visit as often as possible. Luckily, it's only a short 35 minute drive to be in the heart of it all and now that we have the car for a bit, it makes the trek oh so luxurious (well, at least for me!)

Back to Friday - I was hungry, Jake was starving and I knew if I was going to try and sneak any shopping into this evening (Catbird is right around the corner!) we'd need to fuel up. Pies 'n' Thighs has quickly becomes one of those restaurants I fantasize about while dieting. I dream about the Chicken Biscuit. Seriously. I wish I had a food-critic's vocabulary to explain the deliciousness of this particular menu item; but I don't, so hopefully the picture will be descriptive enough to satisfy you!
^^Wearing JG's grandfather's Panama Hat... it's the greatest.^^
^^The Chicken Biscuit, if you go you must order this.^^
^^Have I mentioned how much I love seeing JG in his wedding band!? Oh, I have? ok... ignore me. :)^^
^^We sat on the deck and with the cool evening air breezing past and the last remaining hot afternoon sun shining between the neighboring buildings I was in heaven.^^
^^Wall art everywhere^^
^^Crushing on JG in spectacles. Too bad he has 20/20 vision.^^
^^Barbed wire and flowering trees, oh and ZG serenading us on the guitar with the song he wrote - for us! Does it get anymore Brooklyn than that?^^
^^It's hard to tell in this picture but chez Gould's dining room walls are the perfect shade of pale pink - Taryn told me it is called Antique Pearl and I don't want to forget.^^

^^Driving home I couldn't get enough of the city silouetted against the beautiful pastel sky. I love NY. I really do.^^

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