Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sometimes your friends are photographers...

...and you invite them to your wedding because you love them and they're beautiful and their positive auras are practically blinding. Oh and they can dance. You all have an incredible time. Fast forward two-ish months and you are finally coming down from that amazing wedding high and life is feeling a bit, well, normal. But wait, you meet one of said beauties for a drink and she hands you a disc of, oh you know, just like 600 of the most gorgeous photos of your wedding. Like this one...

So now I'm typing up this post, all misty-eyed thinking about our wedding and our incredible friends and amazing family and feeling crazy lucky and loved all over again.

My dearest, Laraine and Xanthe, your formal thank-you card shall arrive soon, but my thankfulness couldn't be contained to the confines of a piece of paper, I needed to share it and share it with the masses. It's safe to say this is one of my favorite presents ever.

My dear brides, this is what Xanthe and Laraine did from the sidelines, while partying like rockstars no less, can you imagine what they'd produce if you put them up front and center as your photographers? Yea, that's what I thought!! (here are just a few ... ok, 40ish pictures that I ADORE!)

^^There were strings, a chuppah, chandeliers and candlelight... it was perfect^^

 ^^We did it!^^

^^Mom and Daddy!^^

 ^^Amy and Mike - and JJ rocking the trumpet as he processes out!^^

^^Let the party begin!!^^

^^Happiest in his arms^^

 ^^Adam singing father/daughter dance song James Taylor's "You've Got A Friend" arranged and conductor by Jonathan Ragonese!^^

^^Dancing with my Daddy^^

^^Blessing of the Challah^^

^^The speeches begin!^^

 ^^Peek-a-boo Matty, I see you!^^

^^Mr. & Mrs. DeGroat cracking up at childhood stories of JG^^

 ^^We were dancing fools!^^

^^It wasn't just our wedding day, it was also my Mama's birthday! So we gave her a little surprise!^^

^^Dad twirling the birthday girl around the room to an orchestral arrangement of "If Ever I Would Leave You" sung by Allan Harris :)^^

^^Little sis making her Maid of Honor toast!^^

^^Just a tad thrilled about having The Amigos serenade us^^

^^The Amigos Band, we love you^^

^^Final Toast of the evening!^^

^^Love, love, love this shot!^^

^^The most exhilarated I have ever felt in my entire life.^^

 ^^Five cakes from Crumbs Bakery each boasting vintage cake toppers from Amy's collections!^^

^^Anticipating having cake for the first time in months! (I was more than a little excited)^^

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