Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jake, the Master: The Ceremony

Jake is GRADUATED! Wooo! On Friday #Teamgoldbas filed into Riverside Church on an absolutely gorgeous spring day to whoop and holler when our Master received his second degree from Manhattan School of Music. Warm sun, cool breeze and a blue sky, what more could you ask for? I have a weakness for stained glass windows and Riverside Church doesn't disappoint. 

Amy, Mike, Jessie and I sat waiting for the graduates, purusing the program, reminiscing and anxiously anticipating the champagne reception that awaited us across the street! The ceremony was beautiful. The speeches were brief and heart warming; funny and inspirational. And my favorite part was when Jake, Angelo and Jeff played Mountain Dance by the incredible Dave Grusin, who was present for and honored at graduation with the Degree of Doctor of Musical Arts, honoris causa. At the end of the performance Jake turned and bow to Dave Grusin, who returned the gesture. It was a pretty spectacular moment.  

I feel like life is just beginning for Jake and me. We're married. We're graduated. We're grown-ups. So, let's get crazy! I love you Jake William, you make me so over the moon proud to be your wife. 

^^Snagged a smile from the aisle while he wasn't watching^^
^^Larry Goldbas would be so proud of you JG^^
^^Friends graduating!^^

^^Look at my husband, vibe-central... I'm gonna show our kids someday!^^

^^Six years of brotherhood right here, yo^^

^^Done, done, DONE!^^
 ^^Oh ya know, just wearing armani with my husband THE MASTER!^^
^^Jake and Jake in the MSM Hallway of Fame :)^^ 
^^2011 Bachelor's Degree Boyfriend/Girlfriend - 2013 Master's Degree Husband/Wife^^

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