Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day BBQ, baby

When we got an invite from the ever so charming and gracious Ben Flocks to his Memorial Day BBQ on his terrace in Brooklyn, we didn't have to think twice. Yes, count us in immediately.

Monday might have been the most perfect weather we New Yorkers have ever seen. I could have sat on Ben's terrace with the sunshine and the refreshing breeze for days and days. Honestly though, if you were in NY over Memorial Day, you can totally back me up on this - it was dreamy.

A bunch of our friends gathered at Ben's to drink, eat and be merry. There was home-made gaucamole, an epic fruit salad, yummy sides and the juiciest grilled chicken I've ever had. The perfect cook-out. I forced our friends to stand in front of a yellow wall throughout the afternoon and give me a smile, or a smirk or what have ya. As the sun began to set, the light shifted and changed my yellow wall into  different golden hues. Thanks for putting up with me, friends. It sure came out cute.

^^BBQ Portraits... Jake + Kate// Sam + Claire// Jeff + Catherine// Ben + Hannah// Mike + Sean//^^

^^I dream of owning an apartment with a terrace... for grillin' and chillin'^^

^^I must say, Jake looks quite dashing in Claire's sunglasses!^^

^^Hi friends^^

^^Catherine and Jeff^^

^^Thanks for throwing the BBQ Ben!!^^

^^I love you Sam & Claire^^

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