Friday, May 3, 2013

Celebratory Hot Donut Run w/ the Hubby

Sometimes it is 10:45pm on Wednesday night and you are getting ready to pick out your most comfortable slouchy clothes, brush your teeth and pass out.

Then there are sometimes when it is 10:45pm on Wednesday night and your husband looks at you and tells you he finished his last Jury of his Manhattan School of Music career and that he wants to celebrate with a hot home-made donut, fried chicken and a root beer. Like, right now.

SO sometimes at 10:45pm on Wednesday night you scrounge up clothes worthy of a date, swipe red lipstick across your lips and head out hand in hand with your practically giddy husband to Toast's new Chicken Bar on Amsterdam. At, well by now, it's 11:15pm.

And you know what? You are SO glad you did.
^^A hot, home-made, sugary donut for my baby^^
^^Champagne cheers!^^
^^I will be rockin' a rootbeer float next time!^^

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