Monday, May 27, 2013

King Pony takes Philly: Glamour Shots

This wall mural was way too good to pass up. The colors were absolutely fantastic, so I corralled the ponies and snapped a few shots before we continued on our way. 

^^ King Pony - candid^^

^^Love these guys^^

^^Pascal - King Pony^^
^^Jake Goldbas and Leon Boykins - King Ponies^^

^^Seriously love, love this wall!^^

^^So glad my Mama could come in to see King Pony!^^

 ^^Annoying my brother since 1986^^

^^It's all you need.^^

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kate!
    It's been years since we've crossed paths at Bucknell but a shot of yours on Instagram led me to look through your pictures this morning! They're beautiful, and my faves are of you and Jake! The #teamgoldbas thread is a joyful documentation of your special union, so thank you for sharing such great and inspiring shots! You've created a magnificent life, lady.
    I felt compelled to write you here because last night was my first introduction to King Pony...a friend of mine sent me "Where Were You" to listen to and I found it heartbreakingly beautiful. Then I listened to the rest of the songs on Bandcamp, glad to have learned of the group. Come to find, about 8 hours later and quite by chance, that you're married to the drummer! 😊 It was a fun, synchronous moment I thought you'd appreciate. 😜
    My best wishes to you both!
    Flor De Liz