Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunny pictures for this rainy day!

New York has given us the most gorgeous spring in my city memory. Day after day of clear blue skies, cool breezes and warm sunshine. This morning it is pouring. The skies are heavy with thick grey clouds and forget about the sunshine, it's nowhere to be seen. So here are a few of my iPhone photos to brighten up this gloomy day. Enjoy! 

^^Walk, run or bike your way to nearest Central Park Meadow and enjoy this glorious weather before we are swallowed up by the inevitable humidity of an NYC summer^^

^^I could have sat under these trees all day^^

^^Bursts of pink in the flower beds and on my scarf and lips!^^

^^Taxis and tulips!^^

^^Happy colors meet you on every block!^^

^^My crocheted Toms are drawn to the flowerbeds^^

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