Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alison: The Graduate

This past Friday the whole Christopher clan from Philly to Long Island travelled up north to cheer on Alison, the youngest Christopher sibling, as she graduated from College of the Holy Cross. It was such a treat to all be together as a family in the same place, at the same time! It rarely happens these days due to well,... just living life and the sheer difficulty of trying to clear nine adult schedules for one particular day. But we did it! And although the sky hung heavy with thick grey clouds and scattered showers tried to dampen our spirits, our sunny dispositions kept the rainfall at bay and it was a fantastic day! (Excuse the rhyme). After the ceremony we celebrated with a huge dinner hosted by Alison and her five best friends from Holy Cross. We are so proud of you Alison and know that you are going to continue to amaze us with your accomplishments! 

Scroll through to see (waaaay too many) photos from the whole day!

^^Our girl Ali processing in to Pomp and Circumstance on her graduate day!^^

^^I was feeling very Mad-Menesque while rocking my first successful sock bun!^^

 ^^Spring greens and blue pumps^^

^^We had a little too much fun playing around during graduation^^

 ^^By some miracle of miracles the rain held off until well after graduation ended!^^

 ^^John and Crissy!!^^

 ^^Me and Jake - Pat & Jax!^^

 ^^I just loved the bright pop of yellow on the hydrant next to the pink blooms!^^

^^Christopher kids graduation Relay!^^

 ^^Here we go^^

^^Feeling lucky to have siblings that I call friends.^^

^^Even though they mock my posing for days^^

^^Ali and the guys!^^

^^Ali and Mama Christopher^^

 ^^Proud parents^^

^^The original six^^

 ^^God, I love them^^

 ^^John photo bombing Ali haha^^

 ^^Ali and brothers^^

 ^^ALL FOUR KIDS - GRADUATED! Jeanne and Paul are more than a little pumped!^^

^^ YAY Ali!!^^

 ^^Spring blooms^^

 ^^Ali and her Holy Cross besties^^

 ^^Ali Sandwich^^
 ^^Roman Holiday on my lips made me feel very Audrey Hepburn^^
 ^^Messing around at dinner^^
 ^^Jackie and Pat^^
^^Smooches from my Hubby^^

 ^^Ali and Daddy^^
^^She was just full of emotions, I was so proud^^

 ^^YAY!!! All together!^^

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  1. I'm loving the track picture. "Do I look like I went to gym class!?!?"