Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Logan & Grayson's bouncy castle birthday bash!

On the only beautiful day of this rainy Memorial Day Weekend Jake and I were lucky enough to be on the VIP list for the big Park Slope birthday bash for Logan and Gray! Although I didn't get in the bouncy castle (next time, I swear) it was indeed the main attraction of the afternoon. Well that and the cake and the cars and the balloons and the pizza and well... the whole party pretty much rocked.

^^June and Liam enjoying the bouncy castle with Logan!^^

^^Backyard Bouncy Castle = Success^^

^^Beautiful flowers leftover from Lady Kyle's Bachelorette Bash! It was a big weekend for parties!^^

^^You're never too old for Mama/Daughter coordinating outfits.^^

^^Happy, silly family for Gray's 2nd Birthday!^^

^^It was seriously yummy.^^

^^I love the way Gray and Logan are looking at the cake!^^

 ^^Gray enjoying his cake!^^

 ^^Logan enjoying his cake!^^

^^Little guys enjoying cake!^^

^^Me: "Hey June, will you wear this party hat and smile?" June: "Mmm, okay!"^^

^^Kill me dead from this level of cuteness, seriously, I can't take it!^^

^^This is my best friend Emily. She knows how to throw one heck of a partay!^^

^^Sometimes your meet a kindred spirit and she's only three. Please don't move to Portland June!^^

^^ Two daughters and their Mama - PS I'm lovein' Peggy's nail polish! <3^^

^^Because no trip to Park Slope is complete unless I get a glamour shot of Ice^^


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  2. It seems like the kids had a really wonderful time! I think bouncy castles brings out the kid in all of us. It was nice that the backyard was large enough to accommodate the bouncy castle. I would have went inside it as well if I were there. Go and jump in next time! Cheers!

    Kathrin Trujillo @ SlidesALot.com

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