Monday, April 1, 2013

Five years of lovin'

In 2008 on April Fools Eve... which eventually turned into April Fools Morn, Jake and I decided to become "official" and "exclusive". Those are some big words for two college kids who met over lentil soup.

Five years, three apartments, dozens of holidays, a trip to Italy, a sparkly engagement ring & party, two (almost three) degrees from MSM, a New York Times covered wedding and one honeymoon later here we are! Mr. & Mrs. Goldbas. And I couldn't be happier. Married to my best friend, my love and the man who continually challenges me to be a better version of myself daily - and a fantastic kisser to boot!

Although we now have a new anniversary, April 1st will always be a special day for us. It marks the beginning of our journey from girlfriend and boyfriend to husband and wife.

        Happy Five Years of lovin' baby. I'm yours for like, ever.

        2008 -----------> 2013

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