Sunday, April 28, 2013

A weekend in suburbia with the nephews!

On Saturday Jake and I hopped in the highlander and headed out to the country to take care of my darling nephews, Matty and Luke. We city dwellers decided to tour the neighborhood and walk to our favorite Long Island burger joint - Jack's Shack. Saturday provided us with the most glorious spring weather... the sun was warm, the air was cool and the trees were practically bursting with blooms around every corner. The boys sat happily in their double stroller talking to each other, pointing out dogs and giggling at their Uncle Jake's shenanigans. It was blissful. At Jake's the bliss continued in the form of a delicious cheeseburger and truffle salt french fries. HELLO!
^^Double strollers provide the ultimate work-out^^
^^Uncle Jake eating his french fry "like a dinosaur!"^^
^^I decided to let Luke take control of his yogurt spooning - he had a blast.^^
^^This is what Aunty paradise looks like^^

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