Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter from Valladolid!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day eating sweet treats & celebrating with family & friends!

and just for fun, here's a little Honeymoon Post...

^^Beautiful details outside the town's central cathedral.^^

^^Easter sombrero?^^

While Jake and I were in Mexico on honeymoon (side note: I love saying "on honeymoon" it's so over the top, like saying when we were on "holiday") we visited the ancient city of Valladolid. It was the last stop of the day after having explored Chichen Itza. We were given just thirty minutes to wander, snap a few photos, devour some incredible ice cream and return to our bus. And albeit brief, this afternoon has become one of my favorite memories.

^^The pastel walls around the city were fantastic.^^

Here is a wonderful excerpt from a New York Times article I found that beautifully describes Valladolid... 

"Authentic: it’s a word that is frequently used when describing Valladolid. Culturally speaking, it’s a layered authenticity. The city is deeply Mayan, from the cuisine — sweet and spicy, heavy on the beans and slow-roasted pork — to the guttural consonants of the Mayan language heard on its streets. Many women wear the traditional Mayan huipil — white cotton blouses or dresses adorned with bright, flowered embroidery and sold in places like the Mercado de Artesanias, a block from the city’s beautiful, newly refurbished Parque Principal, or central square. It is also distinctly Spanish: Founded by invading Spaniards in 1543, its colonnades, pastel stucco and paving-stone streets give Valladolid an Iberian feel. The central cathedral, a fortress of ascetic Franciscan architecture, is standing room only on Sunday evenings. As in Spain, shops are often shuttered each afternoon for siesta." - Valladolid, Mexico, a City of Yucatan Cool by Austin Considine
^^ While I was happily photographing the town Jake managed to sneak away and find this incredible Frida Kahlo meets Day of the Dead display and surprise me with it on our ride home. :) ^^

^^ Coffee & Strawberry ice cream atop a crispy waffle cone, unbelievably delicious. ^^

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