Monday, April 29, 2013

Searching for "Dandy Lions"

After our big burger lunch and three very long naps (Jake included) we headed back outdoors in search of dandelions. It should be noted that when I brought up "looking for dandelions" Matty thought I meant actual dandy lions. "Where are the lions, Aunt Katie?" he asked me once we had wandered across the back lawn. You can see how showing him little golden flowers might have disappointed, but instead he ran around squinting in the sun searching for these lovely well, weeds. He would snatch handfuls of yellow "lions"  and sprint back to present them to me and Luke. Luke and I focused on finding the wishing dandelions. It was a great way to spend the evening. And I will cherish the memories of my little darlings and their "dandy lions."
^^Please ignore my baby talk voice and try not to giggle at this adorable little man^^
^^Making wishes (and... maybe more weeds)^^
^^Cannot get enough of these little face.^^
^^I spy with my little eye, a dimple.^^
^^I bought these overalls for Matty and seeing Luke wear them makes me so happy!^^

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