Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wedding: The Place Cards & #TEAMGOLDBAS

^^Paper Presentation place-cards, printed at home by yours truly, finished with a strip of vintage sheet music.^^

Instagram is a huge part of my daily life (3000+ photos and still going!) and at last I've finally gotten Jake onboard! I love documenting the big as well as the little moments through photography and Instagram's format is fast, fun and easy. Ten+ years ago, during one of my many wedding planning phases, I imagined disposable cameras placed on all the tables so our guests could take pictures of the wedding throughout the night. I think I saw it on an episode of Friends... actually, I 100% know I saw it on Friends, who am I kidding?!

Well, it's not 2001 anymore, it's 2013 and with iPhones and Instagram I one up'ed Monica and Chandler by creating a hashtag for guests to use when posting photos on Instagram... #TEAMGOLDBAS. To spread the word, we printed a note on the back of our guests' place cards. And let me tell you, it was so incredible to be able to scroll through that feed at the end of the night and see moments of our wedding right on our phones. Below are just a few of my favorite Instagrams captured by our friends and family....

^^To explore more of our wedding photos on instagram just search #teamgoldbas!^^

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