Monday, April 22, 2013

Meet me at Eataly!

On Sunday evening after some disappointing apartment hunting Jake, Shaun (cousin/realtor extraordinaire) and I headed downtown for some beer, wine, and grocery shopping/oogling at Eataly. Have you been to Eataly? According to the Austrian man standing next to me at Birreria, Eatly is the largest Italian market in the world! What?! (He was right.)

Once you walk off of 23rd street and through the doors you will understand. It is truly a unique and exhilerating experience. Our first stop was the upstairs open roof-top bar & restaurant, Birreria. Birreria brews its' own beers and offers an extensive selection of wines to compliment its' hearty Italian fare. May I add, my prosecco was perfetto! From where I stood at the bar there was a view of the Empire State Building awash in evening sunlight, and what was that? Oh, it was a cool breeze and the warmth of sunlight on my face. It was, *sigh* heavenly. 
^^If you can find the Flat Iron building you can find Eataly^^
^^Obsessed with this copper light fixtures, the perfect environment for a first date!^^
^^NYC I love you^^

The Market: Be prepared to get completely lost, wonderfully, ridiculously lost. You can find everything from prosciutto, fresh ricotta, and exotic pastas (squid ink linguine!), to crusty-hot-out-of-the-oven bread, olive oil, wine, beer and kitchenware! As you wandered the scent of fresh mint, tarragon and basil wafted by...
^^The produce was superior.^^
^^Lost Jake here for a hot second^^
^^A few of our goodies.^^

Caffe Vergnano: Then there is the espresso, gelato and oh... don't even get me started on the desserts! (Try the Terra Cotta, trust me!) But wait, have you been transported to Europe? Are you on vacation? Why no, you're smack in the middle of Manhattan. 

Take a little trip to Italy at Eatly! Trust me. And bring something chocolatey for me on your way back home!
^^This is the Terra Cotta... there is caramel inside.^^
^^YUM! (And she never slept again.)^^

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