Friday, March 15, 2013

Wedding: The Vintage Sheet Music Pockets

A few months back some of you may remember that I was hunting down vintage sheet music. Especially music with vibrantly colored, illustrated covers. After scouring garage sales, thrift shops, Etsy, eBay and street fairs around NYC I eventually acquired quite the stack of beautiful, musty smelling, sheet music!

My idea was to create invitation pockets out of this sheet music to hold our letterpress stationary suite. (Here is a post about our wedding stationary we discovered and created with Lion in the Sun in Park Slope, Brooklyn where we also purchased invitations for the engagement party and bridal shower!)

Now how should I do this? I brainstormed. I scoured Pinterest. I visited Paper Presentation. I inevitably realized Paper Presentation is similar to a casino when I accidentally spent three hours there. I experimented. I traced. I cut. I affixed.

And after a short 900+ minutes (no joke) came up with these... 
^^Just a few of my favorites!^^

^^A peak inside! More here!!^^

^^Boxed up and ready to be mailed!!^^

You can find instructions on the creation of these pockets in my "DYI Wedding: How to make a Vintage Sheet Music Pocket"!!

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