Saturday, August 18, 2012

Engagement Party: The Invitations

Excited to get the celebrating started, Jake and I were thrown an engagement party by our wonderful friends Nancy and David.

Which meant... I had an excuse to visit Lion in the Sun, a fantastic stationary store in Park Slope Brooklyn that my dear friend Emily used and had told me about. I had also seen it featured in New York Weddings.

With the help of Emily by my side for decision making support and the fabulous staff at Lion in the Sun's expertise I was able to design and customize the invitations below.

I created a website card to include in our invitations and hand addressed all our envelopes. Swirling a favorite pen across crisp white paper into friends and family names took more time than having them printed, but I love seeing the names of those I love in my penmanship. And it felt more personal.

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