Friday, March 22, 2013

Smile, baby!

Photographing babies is not easy. They are in constant motion and more often than not, unwillingly to "just hold the teddy bear, sweetie pie" while you try and snap a single focused photo.

I should preface this post with saying, I have no training as a photographer. I almost always click the "auto" setting on my Nikon and just play. Nothing fancy here. But, after years of nannying and now auntie-ing I have compiled a set of tricks to finally get that adorable baby on film.

1. Go for the candid shot! Posing your baby once they are able to roll, crawl, walk and eventually run away from you will be a never-ending game of cat and mouse. If he happens to playing with a truck, sit by and wait for the magic.

2. Take like, a million pictures. I'm not kidding. I get a lot of flack from my family (ahem, my husband) for snapping away while life is happening in front of me. But, no one can argue with my logic when they see the final product. (I usually take hundreds to get just a dozen keepers.)

3. Get down on their level. Lay on the floor, rest the camera on a coffee table and snap.

4. Embrace natural light. Which can be tricky because if it's not bright enough you risk losing the focus. So wait for a sunny day and go play outside! A flash is often too harsh and takes away that soft, sweet, natural glow of your baby. (Just ask Xanthe Elbrick, who is an expert on capturing gorgeous portraits using natural light.)

5. When all else fails, silly noises and faces are still a sure-fire way to get a smile and giggle out of your little one. Move away from behind the camera and trust you have your baby in the frame and go crazy. Babies often freeze when looking directly into a lens, but will respond to the faces of those they love.

Cameras used: Nikon D3000 with the kit lens coupled with this 50mm portait lens
iPhone 4 is my go-to day to day camera

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