Monday, August 27, 2012

Save the Date: The Featurette

The Save the Date video all began with a song.

A few months ago Jake dared a ridiculously talented friend of ours, singer and bassist - Kate Davis, to write a happy song. You see, her beautiful music often has a rather somber, unrequited love feel to it.

So, she accepted the dare. 

And wrote this song, little k + little j, for us. Earlier in the summer, Jake and Kate along with our friends Noah Kellman and Gabe Schnider recorded the song while on tour in Portland. We decided to use a portion of the song for our Save the Date. I know it sounds incredibly narcissistic but I LOVE this song. It might be my favorite. Ever.

With our soundtrack chosen, I styled the day around an idea and our friend, David Bailen directed, filmed, produced and edited our featurette. 

ENJOY! (click HD and full screen for best viewing!)

We mailed DVDs to our family and friends who are not quite computer savvy. All others were directed to our Wedding Website that I designed using Wix. The labels were made using the incredible Pinhole Press


  1. Gah!! You are ridiculously adorable. To the max. And for the record you are the only people I know who have their own save the date music video. You are clearly meant to be stars.


  2. This. Is. Amazing!!!!!!!!

    I just went through a major wedding-planning, wedding-blog-perusing, pinterest-obsessing session for pretty much the last year and through all of that, THIS is my FAVORITE EVER video!! I LOVE IT!!! Great concept and amazing execution! I had a ridiculous smile on my face throughout the whole thing.

    ~ Adriana Campos Woods
    (Jessie Goldbas' friend who has been looking at all of your wedding planning stuff)