Sunday, August 19, 2012

Picking Bridesmaids

I have a lot of bridesmaids.  Nine  in  total.

I know, I know. 9?! Nine... nine?!!

Yes, nine. I thought about my life, and I knew without a doubt these are the women I wanted by my side on my wedding day. When I found this card down at The Strand  in the village, I snatched up 9 of them!

I am a sucker for hand written notes. I love writing them, I love getting them. I have an on-going fear that someday they will become extinct. But, to me, there is nothing more personal than reading and deciphering the rise and fall of a loved ones handwriting.

More about these lovely ladies soon.

(PS) JG asked his groomsmen in person if possible, and wrote cards to those living far and away... but I guess he didn't photograph his! haha.

All of the girls from our engagement party!! 

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