Friday, September 7, 2012

my lipstick revelation.

recently I've been asked about what I wear on my lips.

I used to only wear lip gloss.
Religiously I collected dozens of tubes, wands, sticks and pots of it. 
I had every color imaginable - pinks, reds, oranges, corals... you get the point.

It was shiny.
It was shimmery.
It was seductive.

It also never stayed on!

The moment I walked outside it would get stuck in my hair. Every. Time. Gluing itself to my lip like a bizarre misplaced mustache. I'd get it on the collars of my coats, my sleeves and the random scarf that dared blow in the wind. Forget kissing, that was not even an option, with gloss on. I'd leave sparkly lip marks on coffee mugs all across the city. And if one more person told me I had "just a little something on [my] teeth" I was going to scream.

Fed up with my lip gloss woes, I decided to leave it behind me.
I converted. 
Now I only wear lipstick or a Nars lip crayon.

I am so grown up.

In the picture above I am wearing the Bobbi Brown lipstick "Pink" I bought in East Hampton at White's - a pharmacy that could rob you of your weekly nanny-ing wages in the amount of time it took the Hampton Jitney to arrive from Amagansett.

**I wore Nars lip crayon in Cruella for my sister's 21st birthday party...**

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