Monday, August 27, 2012

Amanda's Bridal Shower

Jamie and I decided to have a theme for the shower. Usually I feel themes can get carried away and end up feeling forced. But, luckily we pulled it off! We chose a Recipe Shower and built on that idea. 

Here are the invitations I designed through Minted:

Everyone brought a recipe card with them to the party (which had been enclosed in their invitation) And we forced Amanda to wear an apron. The favors were heart-shaped measuring spoons. The location was the beautiful, Half Moon Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Amanda giggling over a baby photo of her fiancé John.

 Jamie joked that my bun kept getting bigger as the weekend progressed. (Please ignore tan lines.)

Yummy cake!

Smoochies for the bride from her grandmothers.

Mother of Bride and Bride

Jamie, Amanda and Me... 

It was a fabulous brunch!

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