Monday, June 24, 2013

Seattle: Surprise I'm here and oh, it's Jamie's Graduation!

Back in May I emailed my best friend Jamie's main squeeze, Weston, a super secret email about surprising said best friend in Seattle for her graduation weekend. Are you lost yet? Ok, good. Being the amazing guy that he is, Weston was immediately on board! We spent the next few weeks ironing out the details; plane tickets, graduation tickets and of course, the element of how exactly to unveil our surprise. After discussing a half dozen scenarios where I appear randomly on streets and restaurants where Jamie also just happened to be, we decided to keep it simple and just show up at her apartment. I'd keep it casual, like "hey - I'm here, what's up?"

That's exactly what we did. Well, Weston's exact quote was "Hey Jame, I brought lunch... and Kate" This was my cue to jump out from behind the wall and yell "Surprise!" It worked. She screamed! I screamed! She cried! I cried! I won't go into all the details (like how Jamie's Mom practically exploded with anticipation as she waited for us to appear or how I was forced to check my luggage instead of carry it on!) but you can trust me when I tell you - it was a big success and a huge surprise!

I arrived on Thursday at the perfect moment - right in time for an incredible pre-graduation cookout at Jamie's house! Weston and I were in charge of assembling the mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil skewers drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction - holy yum! I not only devoured delicious food but was also finally able to meet all of Jamie's amazing room mates and fellow class mates in person

On top of all that I got to hoot and holler for Jamie as she walked across the stage to receive her Master's Degree - with honors from the Evans School of Public Affairs at University of Washington. By the time we got to bed I had been awake for 24 hours straight! Right before I passed out cold next to my best (whom I haven't had a sleep-over with in quite some time) I remember thinking, wow this was an epic day. 

^^Weston and Jamie// Jamie and me! Surprise!^^

^^No joke, there was home made bread and a serious fruit platter^^

^^Fresh, crispy, doughy, delicious, home-made bread - yum!^^

^^The graduates!^^

^^Kili, the sweetest pooch// Katie and Jamie^^


^^Jamie and Diane// Dan and Katie^^

^^I didn't miss a second of JRowe's graduation. I had it covered over all aspects of social media^^

^^The Rowe Family with the Graduate!^^

^^Meet Master Jamie GaGa^^

^^Still over the moon that I was able to celebrate with one of my best friends in the whole wide world! So proud of you, Jamie. You've always been smarter than me... and somethings remain the same! ^^

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