Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A weekend in Narragansett, RI

This past weekend JG and I packed up our swimsuits and headed north to the beautiful seaside town of Narragansett, RI. Jake's amazing Aunt Sue and Uncle Stan live just a stone's throw from the beach. The first time Jake and I went to Narragansett just the two of us - back in 2008, we had only be dating for four months! Fast forward five years and now we were sitting on the beach married for four months! Pretty cute, no?

We spent our two days catching up with Sue and Stan, lounging on the beach, reading and sleeping, walking around town and eating waaaay too much delicious food. Also, nothing beats coming home from the beach and taking a refreshing out-door shower - my favorite! It was a perfect weekend!

^^My husband^^

^^My favorite RRR sarong (going on six years) // JG's spanking new, neon swim trunks^^

^^My $9.95 H&M actually stays on my head when it's windy.^^

^^Posing after lunch. See more of these shots here.^^

^^Beautiful flowers on our walk down to the beach^^

^^One of my favorite places in Narragansett is the wall that stretches along the perimeter of the beach. You can sit there for hours gazing out across the sea; feeling salt water spritz your toes as the waves crash against the rocks.

^^Luckily someone passed by and offered to take a picture of us!^^

^^Clearly I'm fron "the south" aka Pennsylvania, since I was the only one on the beach bundled up with two sweaters!^^

^^Don't be fooled by the sunshine on that clear blue sea - it was freezing!^^

Some people are born to be hosts. And Sue and Stan have mastered the art of hosting. When we arrived they had stocked the fridge with all the essentials for an incredible cookout, breakfast must-haves and the fixings for packed lunches and snacks for the beach. I am still having dreams of the chopped salad and cheeseburgers we had on Friday. Oh I almost forgot Sue's Red-Zinger and fresh spearmint iced tea! Yum!!

^^Thanks a million Sue & Stan - we love you guys!!^^

^^Fresh garlic chives from the garden on a pumpernickel bagel with lox and cream cheese!^^

^^Delicious juicy grapes^^

^^Seriously the best lobster roll I've ever had.^^

^^Morning coffee date at the cove^^ 

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