Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seattle: Katie's Baby Shower

Hi! I'm back on the East Coast! And after four days in Seattle, three graduations, two BBQs and a baby shower I managed to snap around 1500 photos. Bear with me while I (slowly) sort, arrange, edit and get all these bad boys up on the blog!

Even though this was the last day of my trip, let's start with the baby shower. Sunday dawned clear, sunny and warm by 9am, which is rare for the North West (or so I'm told). Jamie did a spectacular job planning Katie's baby shower over the past couple of months. The spreadsheet alone would blow your mind. From the gorgeous invitations (isn't Minted, fantastic?) to the location, the food and the decoration - the baby shower was a huge success. 

^^From Olivier's window - gorgeous views, incredible gardens, basically the perfect backdrop for any occasion^^

^^Unknowingly Jamie matched the favors (a rose candle, soap and bath salts) exactly to the flowers!^^

^^Fantastic sky and fresh artichokes!^^

^^Food, food and more food!^^

^^Jamie's incredible three layer chocolate cake with (with rosewater frosting) Diane's fabric bunting banner and a few flower arrangements by moi... we make a pretty darn good team!^^

^^Friends from home// Hostess with the mostest and Katie^^

^^Grandmothers-to-be with the Mama-to-be, Katie^^

^^Decorating onesies is my all time favorite baby shower "game"^^

^^A little advice for our Mama-to-be from all the lovely ladies at the shower^^

^^Chocolate cake was enjoyed by all!^^

^^Flowers, balloons, baby swag and books!^^

^^The looks on Jamie and Katie's faces are priceless. It's as if their eyes are saying "CCUUUTTTE!" New idea: baby shower drinking game (for the non-preggars) every time someone says "cute!" you drink.^^

^^Katie and our incredible host, Olivier^^

^^The proud Daddy and Mama-to-be^^

^^Playing around with the balloons!! For the record, Katie has way better balance than me, even at six months pregnant!^^
^^It was a particularly spectacular day^^

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