Monday, June 10, 2013

Rooftop BBQ, baby

Sorry for the blogging hiatus, life's been crazy busy and just too fun. But I'm back now!

Last Sunday JG and I hopped in the trusty highlander and headed downtown for a Brooklyn BBQ thrown by two of our favorites, Sammy Squeeze and Claire. (Have a I mentioned how luxurious it is having a car in the city? Oh I have? ok...) Sam and Claire. Claire's dad was in town and who can think of a better way to celebrate the man with the most epic beard the east coast has ever seen than with amazing food,  even better friends, chairs for sitting, a skip-it, ironic tattoos and a pineapple dress.  If you can think of something we missed, please keep it to yourself. Ha. 

 ^^There was delicious food for all, and a lot of it.^^

^^Looking up^^

^^Looking down^^

^^Looking out^^

^^I found a skip-it. So we all skipped-it like some bad ass 9 year olds on their first day of summer^^

^^Not picture: I had to remove my wedges to get the skip it on... it was so worth it, I've still got it baby^^

^^Hands down, Javi wins for the best skip-it choreography. // Jake tries a skip-it for the first time. I can't believe I married a virgin skip-it-er... you know what I mean.^^

^^I predict skip-its are about to be the new fitness rage in NYC. Move over spin class.^^

^^This guy, he's the best.^^

^^Sam, Claire and Ron! (See what I mean about the amazing beard?)^^

^^Could this picture be anymore hipster?^^

^^Ruler tat, boom. // Jake + RT.^^

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