Sunday, June 23, 2013

Having Your Photo Taken...

Everyone loves a great photo of themselves. But not everyone enjoys having their photo taken. This concept is foreign to me! I think since I was a little girl I've adored being in front of the camera. It's the diva within, what can I say?

So if you are jonesin' for a new profile pic but can't seem to get a great shot, here are three simple tips I can give my friends and readers out there who tend to shy away in front of the camera.

1. Have a close friend behind the lens. This is, in my opinion, the most important factor. Find that certain someone who can make you laugh, get you to relax and who you feel completely and utterly yourself around. More often than not my favorite pictures have been taken by my husband; who not only has a great eye but can also wield our SLR like a pro and make me crack up while doing it.

2. Be yourself. If you aren't overly smiley from day to day, then get on with your surly self. If you like hats - rock your favorite hat. If you have a dress that makes your look oh-so-fine throw that puppy on and strut yo' stuff. Just be you.

3. Find your light. Natural light is universally the most flattering in photos. Angle yourself so that the sun is in front of you and behind your photographer.

And if all else fails, call Xanthe Elbrick - she will make you feel like a rockstar and snag dozens of incredible shots while doing it! 100% little k + little j guaranteed. 

^^Photos taken this past weekend in Narragansett, RI by my sweet husband^^

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