Thursday, September 20, 2012

drive-by compliment... try it.

Have you ever been walking down the street or riding on the subway when a pair of shoes, or a fabulous bag or someone's beautiful hair catches your eye? No? Yes?

This happens to me constantly. Everyday I encounter fabulous people wearing incredible shoes whipping around Pantene Pro-V hair all of whom are living right here in New York City. So, recently I've started doing something fun... or maybe it's totally bizarre. You decide.

I compliment strangers. It takes only a second.

"Love your shoes!"
"Awesome skirt!"
"You're hair looks gorgeous!"

By the time I've said it, they've usually walked past me. Hence the name, drive-by compliment. I'm thinking it, so why not say it? I like to think that in some little way I make someone's day better. Even if just for a second.

Give it a try.

***photo credit from the fantastic Satorialist***

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  1. I love that idea!
    And I totally know where you are coming from. Sometimes if I see someone on the bus Im just like, "I hope she knows how awesome she looks right now". Mazal tov!
    Leeya (