Monday, September 17, 2012

Kate Makes: Pancakes!

Kate Makes is going to be a weekly series here on little k + little j. Today's post was really just for fun, I made pancakes for the first time in our teeny-tiny kitchen and documented the event. I used bisquick, it was not a big deal. BUT, in the future, I hope having some allegiance to this series and my readers will inspire, or rather - guilt me into trying new recipes and projects that I haven't attempted thus far. Today I will be highlighting some of the fantastic gifts we've received off our wedding registry since there isn't much of a recipe!

Jake is allergic to dairy, I am allergic to soy. So for this particular chocolate chip pancake afternoon delight, I halved the recipe and made half dairy free and half soy free. And that's all there was to it!

The blue ceramic egg crate from Anthropologie (similar found here) was an engagement gift from my sister, it looks equally gorgeous filled with white or brown eggs and it's always my favorite thing in the fridge. West Elm's Owl Measuring Cups make any recipe cute. Crate and Barrel's 5-Piece Parker Nesting Mixing bowls are so pretty that I own two sets. They are great when baking or for filling with treats during a party! 

 Dilemma: no orange juice for a mimosa
Solution: diet snapple peach tea
Creation: White Trash Bellini 

Two parts champagne, one part peach tea and you've got yourself a white trash bellini. (name credit goes to Armand) I was so excited to finally use our Tour Champagne Flutes from Crate and Barrel (You should know later that same evening one was accidentally smashed on our floor, which is why we registered for reasonably priced aka easily replaceable glasses!).

The Griddler by Cuisinart is by far our favorite kitchen appliance on the registry as well as the most used. No burning, no sticking, no smoke and more importantly no smoke alarm piercing through your peaceful afternoon. We make everything from eggs to breaded tilapia to pancakes and panini sandwiches on it! 

voila! let's eat!

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