Monday, September 24, 2012

Kate Makes: Her famous Banana Bread

Second post in our Kate Makes series... realizing now both have been doughy and require bananas. Oh well, will mix it up next week! But thought you really all should know about this awesome recipe. 

For the past few years I have been harboring a secret recipe for outstanding banana bread.  It's delicious. It's moist. It's so freakin' easy you wouldn't even believe it!

I am not a baker. Not at all. But this recipe makes me look like Betty Crocker. When I look for a recipe I use google (even though I own a silly amount of beautiful cook books) and my search usually looks something like "easiest recipe for [insert food]" or "simplest recipe for [insert food]". 

That is exactly how I stumbled across the recipe below. Now, before I share the recipe I will give you a few of my very own tips. Use the ripest bananas you can. The shmushier, the better. Also add more bananas than the recipe calls for. And last but not least substitute brown sugar for white sugar and don't be shy with the chocolate chips (or in this case, semi-sweet chocolate chunks!) Ok, go.

Found on: Simply Recipes

Poor Jake. I make him wait for what probably feels like an eternity to eat his banana bread so I can snap the perfect photo. And then I take pictures of him while he is trying to enjoy it. 


  1. aweee i got you that egg thing and the apron! love

  2. That is the exact Banana Bread recipe I use and it never fails. People love it.