Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kate Makes: A 15ft Wall Unit (ok... Paul Makes it)

Well, Monday came and went and now my Kate Makes post is LATE. Oy. But hopefully this makes up for it... 

While most 20-somethings who are out to furnish their first apartments flock to big box stores like Ikea, Target and West Elm, I head... well, home. To my sweet and talented Daddy. 

Below is a sketch I drew out in one of my moleskin journals back in early June. Because our apartment is lacking in square footage, I knew I needed a work horse of a wall unit. It had to function not only as a bookshelf, but also as kitchen and office storage and as two clothing wardrobes. And it had to fit EXACTLY along our living room wall. No one but my Dad could build it. Everyday I wake up and smile as I walk by and see the stacks of music books and nicknacks that now live on this massive piece of furniture made with LO and VE by none other than Pauly C. :)

Two months and an incredible number of hours of hard work later by my incredible daddy (with assistant from Jake and my mom) - here is what we got!

Some details of our living room below...  our favorite chair from Aunt Hortie and my Jonathan Adler pillow (from the back and front) a peek into Jake's wardrobe, my favorite moment framed, my new clutch from Roberta Freyman, my sacred Domino Magazine collection, my children's book selection and the Ampersand Jake gave me a few years ago, a few of my favorite owls, and Rufus (our Rhino's profile!) ....

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  1. Great Job! I kept Domino around for quiet awhile , too! Love the bright contrasty palette!!